Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I'm Working On for My Next Post...

I recently bought the Time paperback Your Body: The Science of Keeping It Healthy. I should add that although it is considered a paperback book, it looks like a thick Time magazine, but without all of the ads.
It is divided into 4 chapters: Feeling Fine, Staying Healthy, Looking Good, and Going Strong.
I am wrapping up the last section of Feeling Fine and will be blogging about it soon. My plan is to have a post for each chapter.
As always, I encourage you to read the entire article, or, in this case, book.
If you're thinking about buying the latest magazine regarding health, exercise, skin care, aging, weight loss, etc. I suggest you skip it and put your time and money into this.
I included a link to Amazon who unfortunately doesn't have the book available, but it does offer a picture of it so you'll know what to look for. I found my copy at Barnes & Noble. http://www.amazon.com/Time-Your-Science-Keeping-Healthy/dp/1618937138

If you give it a read, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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