Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Navigating the Supermarket

Winter is winding down and spring is approaching. For many of us this means it's time to get back into a routine of healthy eating and regular exercise so we're ready to wear our favorite halter tops and sundresses when the warm weather finally gets here.
So have you made a plan yet? Have you decided how you will increase your exercise and improve your habits when it comes to nutrition?
Now is the time to act if we want to reach our goals!
I recently read an article which I wanted to share with all of you entitled, "“Navigating the Supermarket: A Nutritious Guide to Shopping Well." Here is the link: http://www.lulu.com/content/5928047 I especially like the example of a planned week of meals (preview page 8). I can't stress how important planning ahead is!
This is also a great time to try a new way of working out. I recently tried Bikram Yoga (yes, the hot yoga). I really loved how I felt after the class and it inspired me to try other kinds of yoga. I teach Zumba and I can't tell you how many people tell me they prefer doing their cardio through an hour of dancing as opposed to walking on a treadmill. Perhaps you've always wondered what it's like to work out in the Pilates Studio. Now is the time to do it! Erase from your mind the thoughts of treadmills and machines and replace those thoughts with something that interests you. We all have something we enjoy doing that makes time fly and allows us to feel stronger and prouder of ourselves when we are done. I hope all of you will use this time to find what motivates you and use that to reach your goals this spring.
Now it's your turn: what are your favorite ways to exercise? Let us know and inspire other members of the Body by Kelly community!