Friday, February 8, 2013

Shoveling Tips to Protect Your Body

I recently collaborated with my chiropractor, Dr. Andrea Sciarrillo, to post some helpful tips to keep in mind while shoveling to avoid aches and injuries. Even our most fit clients have problems and that is because they are either using muscles not usually trained or their form while shoveling is poor. Here are some tips that Dr. Sciarrillo offers to avoid the aches and pains that can come from shoveling:
  • dress in warm, but breathable fabrics
  • stretch your muscles before starting
  • take breaks every 15 minutes
  • push rather than lift snow when possible
  • switch hand positioning every few shovel loads
  • bend your knees when lifting
  • keep your movements simple: bend, then rotate, but not both at the same time
  • keep your shovel loads smaller, even if it means more trips
When you take your breaks, remember to stay hydrated, preferably with water. Waking up the next morning with some minor aches and pains is to be expected. Rest and gently stretch any sore or tight muscles. If the pain persists, it's best to contact a professional.
I highly recommend Dr. Sciarrillo. Her office is located at 301 North Avenue in Cranford, NJ and she can be reached at 908-272-5400. You can also read more about her experience at

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kelly! I'm always sore the day after shoveling. I'm going to try your doctor's tips tomorrow. And thanks for recommending a good chiropractor!