Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What's keeping you from following through with your goals? Is it time, money, lack of knowledge? Do you find that once you finally have time to get to the gym, you don't know what to do? When you make your grocery list, you don't know which foods are right for your goals?
The first step in making a change is finding out what's not working for you. Respond by letting me know what your biggest obstacle is. If you don't know how to overcome it, let me know that too. Me and the "Body By Kelly" community will help by giving you suggestions that worked for us!


faithhopejoi said...

Kelly this is great. Knowing the "why" behind it all is so important. You have to understand yourself and your excuses to be able to change anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey great site!

So my biggest obstacle? Well off the top of my head there are two I can think of.

1)When it comes to exercise, what’s the best way to stick with it? I find myself motivated and enthusiastic right off the bat, and I always start out full force with great intentions. However I always loose interest in my exercise routine after, what seems to be only about 2-3 months. Needless to say I stop all together and then wind up back at square one. So how can I stay motivated long term?

2)With regards to food, if you can explain or figure out why I loose control of my eating between in my sleep that would be great! I can eat right all day long and even on weekends, but almost every night I wake up from a dead sleep, between 12am -4am, craving sweets (particularly chocolate). I can’t go back to sleep until I get my fix. Thus my late night, or should I say, early morning binges ruin all the good work I do during the day!

Please help stop the insanity! LOL!!!

Lillian said...

I agree with anonymous I also start out enthusiastic but lose interest in my exercise routine. I would love any suggestions.

Leah said...

At previous points in my life I also had this problem. What worked for me this time to 'stick with it' (I've now been exercising at least 2x/week for 2 1/2 years) was to tie exercise not just to short-term weight loss or fitness goals, but also to alleviating stress and overall health and well-being. (I was approaching 40 when I started, and seeing the women in my family who did NOT exercise who are now in their 60s was a scary wake-up call for me.)

I find that over the long haul all the physical metrics go in the 'right' direction (down). But it takes a while, and short to medium term it can be hit plateaus, don't budge for a few months, have to make an additional change to keep going, etc. If you're doing exercise to help with your mental state or overall health, you have a longer-term goal to focus on that helps keep you engaged.

Also, I don't apply an 'all or nothing' attitude...I now exercise (usually) about 4-5 times per week, and vary between strength training, running and yoga. At the beginning i just jogged 2x/week, 20 minutes it. I figured better than 0. And over time 20 minutes turned to 30, turned to 40, added in yoga, and it just built up from there. Do what you can...and stick with it. That's what's worked for me.